Hey, I'm Sian-Louise! Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web, grab a brew, take a pew and enjoy!

As I'm sure you have guessed by now, I'm a Make-up obsessive, who can often be found rocking a red lip and fluttering my lashes beneath a vintage flick of liner.

I suffer from a terrible addiction to all varieties of cake, chai latte and the 1920's - cloche hats in particular. I also suffer from rather itchy feet, and often spend hours dreaming about living life in Paris, driving around Italy or exploring the west coat.
 Plus I have a major financial downfall when it comes to purchasing vintage clothing and all the latest beauty products. 
Nothing down for me really....

After night fall I can often be found enjoying Liverpool's hidden gems, awarding extra brownie points to those who offer a helping of jazz as a side order to my sloe gin.
 I do however, suffer with an unfortunate love of 90's tunes.
 Well, every twenty-something single girl needs a guilty pleasure....

I always knew my career would follow the pretty path of beauty.
 My first memory is watching my mum carefully apply her make-up before work, surrounded by the heady scent of Calvin Kleins Eternity. As an only child, I often played 'dressing up', introducing myself as one of the top 90's supermodels when I emerged from 'backstage'. From aged 3, I'm pretty sure the beauty seed was planted.

As an eager 16 year old, I left school behind and headed for college. Working at my local Boots by day and training by night, my whole world was consumed with beauty, and make-up in particular.

 After a few years of college training, I packed my bags and moved 60 miles down the road, to Manchester.
I loved my time at the School of Make-up, where I honed my skills, guided by the industries best.

 Since then, I have worked my size 8 socks off to work on a variety of TV, Film, and Fashion projects.
There is nothing more thrilling than seeing your handy work published in national magazines or watching it on the big screen!

Ten years into my beauty career and I have found myself meandering down a number of side roads! 

In 2011, myself and fellow School of Make-up Alumi, Robyn Turnbull, launched So Coco Rouge,
 providing industry standard hair, make-up and beauty services to everyday women. Not content with one extra string to our bow, last year we launched SCR Pro, a creative agency, supplying experienced hair stylists, make-up artists, manicurists and stylists for a variety of projects.

Being a lover (ok, addict) of Twitter, Facebook and all things social media, I have also been appointed as the Beauty Expert and Social Media Manager for Boots brand No7. 
It seems my career has done a full circle when it comes to Boots!

And the biggest change of all? Finding myself swapping being behind the camera, to being in the forefront! I am currently appearing regulary on UK shopping channel, QVC, as a guest presenter for top nail brand OPI. Unsurprisingly, this is a role I absolutely adore- the buzz of live TV is one I cannot find the words to describe. I can only hope this is an experience I can repeat time and time again!

So, who knows where this path may take me. Maybe the next time you turn on your telly, the flame haired scouse girl, sporting a red lip and 50's flick, could in fact be moi!

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