Sunday, 8 June 2014

Essence Cosmetics

Last week saw the Summer press launch of Essence Cosmetics UK held by the lovely people at Flipside PR.

If, like me, you haven't heard of Essence before, we are a bit behind the times I'm afraid. This low priced, but high quality brand are the number 1 cosmetic brand in Europe, and currently available in 70 countries. Looks like I need to fly out more!

The collection features eyeshadow palettes in a array of shades, a large selection of eyeliner and mascara formulations, plus lip, nail and brow products. All costing less than a large take out coffee!

In the UK, from July we can pick up a bargain or two alongside our home ware and garden accessories, in your local Wilko store. 

I've decided to spend a mere £10 and try out a few bits for myself. With my upcoming travels and festival fun approaching, cheaper products are essential. No offence, but I'm sure I'll be less distraught loosing a £2 eyeliner, then I would a £22 one. 
Don't you agree?!

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