Friday, 12 July 2013

Kryolan Lip Stick Sheer

After wearing my vibrant lip stain for a few days, I was really excited to try a softer, sheer finish, with my next new Kryolan find- Lipstick Sheer! Being a huge fan of Kryolan, my favourite sheer lip tint is currently their Lip N Cheek, so I've been really excited to try the latest product in the range!

Lipstick Sheer not only provides a gorgeous wash of feminine, elegant colour, the formula is packed with Vitamin E, meaning your lips are cared for and nourished all day long. 
A great win, win make-up and lip care find!

Just like the Kryolan Lip Stain I featured earlier this week, these lip colours have some wonderful names- such as Audrey, Scarlett and Keira. Yes, that's right, they are names after iconic  Hollywood actresses- past and present! The 18 strong shade range include both rich reds, warm pinks and pretty neutrals.

So, being a red lip lover, my first choice was obviously Audrey- because you can't ignore Ms Hepburn now can you! This beautiful orange toned red is perfect for a summery coral twist on a classic red lip. Second choice goes to the pretty pink-red, Iris, which is my favourite red hue and one that will no doubt worn very regularly!

Application of Lipstick Sheer is quick and easy. The natural wax formula ensuring a smooth application, even straight from the bullet. Unlike Lip Stain, where I felt a lip liner was necessary- with Lipstick Sheer it is not. A pretty, sheer finish can be ruined with a harsh liner, but if you simply can't leave the liner in your make-up bag, make sure you blend the liner with your fingers or a lip brush, for a softer look. 

If you are looking for a softer way to wear your favourite lip colours during the summer months, I would highly recommend Lipstick Sheer- you'll definitely be finding a few of these in my make-up bag, that's for sure!
PS- for us space saving pro's- these are even made in a palette!

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