Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A peek behind the scenes at QVC

The past few days the OPI team have set up camp at QVC! 
Not only was I on air on Sunday lunchtime, but Lisa and Julie spent a number of hours on air yesterday with our Today's Special Value. (A product at a lower price for 24 hours only.)

The show I was part of, was a Love Beauty show with the handsome Craig Rowe, who picked his favourite beauty products to demonstrate- one of which being the OPI Avoplex range!
We were in great company, with other featured brands including Liz EarleDecleorElemis, and SBC.

Backstage with Craig

There is a great buzz backstage at QVC, and the production staff there are a pleasure to work with. They really help keep those nerves at bay- and I should know, I suffer BADLY with them!!

Lisa and Julie working hard on air!

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